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Version 1.0
Eritrean Music Radio Station to Serenade your ears!!!
HadeHade.com is a FREE online Eritrean Music Player to serve those that love Eritrean music. We currently have over 2,000 songs and we continue to expand our selection. Our selections include everything from the old songs that will get your grand parents reminiscing to the hottest songs on Asmara streets now. The team has even dug up several old cassette tapes recorded from 'Dimtsi Hafash' radio station and included them in the collection of songs. We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we have and share them with all of your family and friends. Ohhhhhh just be sure to stretch your shoulders before you start dancing and scream out "HADE..HADE!".
  • Over 2,000 songs!
  • Over 500 Albums!
  • Over 80 Singers
  • Completely Free!
  • Try it for FREE by clicking play on the phone simulator!!!
Requires Android 2.3 and higher. Internet connection is required.


HadeHade.Com was created out of a diligent search for Eritran Music App online. This eagerness led to the collaboration of three enthusiastic developer brain storming to achieve this goal. After many ideas and discussions the concept for HadeHade.com was born and the team continued to march progressively. The team's aim is to create an application that it is proud of as a team of IT developers, as well as include the most collections of Eritrean songs on the internet. We hope you enjoy HadeHade.Com as much as we do!

HadeHade.com is a FREE application, but we kindly ask you to support other Eritrean applications to encourage further development. Here is a list of other apps :


Version 1.1

Released on November 19, 2012
  • NEWTwitter Integration
  • FIXVarious Bug Fixes

Version 1.0

Released on November 18, 2012
  • NEWInitial Release


Contact Us

HadeHade.com is FREE but we continue to provide support for it. We will strive to answer everyone's questions ASAP, but please be understanding if there is a delay in hearing form us.

You may contact us about general business inquiries or to report bugs in the App!